The Wedding at San Miguel de Allende

Laetitia + Pedro

I was fortunate to document the incredible wedding of Laetitia and Pedro in San Miguel de Allende, she from Holland, he from Mexico, a magical 2-day celebration in which both families and friends overflowed joy and love for them.

The already traditional alley in the colorful streets of San Miguel witnessed the happiness that families and friends enjoyed.

On the day of the wedding, between laughters and love, both families made the day more exciting, family gatherings made us laugh and cry with excitement, friends made the party a real madness, certainly a very funny wedding, full of love.



The Wedding in Tulum

Mallory + Jamie

She from USA, he from Scotland, and a wedding in Mexico, without a doubt a great combination to make a weekend that she had a lot of love, dinner, yoga, party, a lot of party, something incredible to live.

A dinner at the foot of the beach was the perfect excuse to break the ice and start the family celebration, a yoga class in the sand a few meters from the Tulum Sea was a time to relax emotions, a very emotional ceremony full With tears and laughter, the traditions of each country undoubtedly contributed to fill with memorable memories this incredible wedding and a party (WOW THE PARTY) that undoubtedly broke down barriers of every achievement to make this weekend something unforgettable.



The Miami Wedding

Vanessa + Diego

Venezuela and Mexico merge into a wedding in Miami enjoying every moment of their great day to the fullest, When families are full of love it shows, and without a doubt this wedding reflects it at all times, between everyone's warm laughter and hugs everyone could not have enjoyed being able to document and live closely this wedding full of positive energy.



The Wedding at Rosewood San Miguel

Estefania + Julio

San Miguel de Allende is perhaps one of the most beautiful Mexican towns, it has color, it has great food, it has the perfect mood for a celebration of love and the Rosewood San Miguel is the most luxurious location to enjoy the town.

If you are looking for place to host an amazing wedding welcome party, take a look at the Trinitate Rooftop Terrace where this wedding started.

While all the guests enjoyed drinks and food we headed to quick romantic photoshoot in the streets of San Miguel. One of my favorite frames took place at the iconic “La Parroquia” church, one of the most photographed in Mexico.



The Wedding in “Ex Convento del Desierto de los Leones”

Karina + Dieter

I visited Baja Sur a couple months ago with my good friend Francisco (who happens to be a wedding photographer in Baja California Sur), we traveled to some of the most unique places I’ve ever seen, of course I came with head blown away and did a post of that trip. At that time Ellen the bride, was searching for a wedding photographer and soon she ended up choosing between Francisco or me. When she wrote to us, we basically said why choose and not have both of us, she agreed and there I was shooting my first Wedding in Baja.



The Wedding at San Miguel de Allende

Paulina + Hector

This Wedding was like a parade of two celebrities getting married. For real, the people on the streets of Cartagena actually thought they were some kind of movie stars getting married, everything was full of energy and well, this guys definitely know how to party.

The wedding ceremony was at the beautiful San Pedro Claver church in the middle of the old town in Cartagena, the reception was at Casa Pestagua.


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